What is a corner kick bet? Tips for predicting easy-to-win corner kicks

Corner kick betIn football, it is a handicap, online betting platforms have extremely high payout rates, so they attract many interested bettors. So what is a corner kick bet, how is it played, and how many types are there? All information will be available New88 Details are revealed in the following article, players can easily refer to and place bets.
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How to play corner kicks

Corners (also known as Corners) is a form of betting where you only need to focus on corner kicks in the match. The final result of which team wins or loses does not affect the player’s bet.

When placing a bet on this bet, you will calculate which team will take a corner kick first, which team will take a corner kick first, the total number of corner kicks in the match… From this information, you will choose the most suitable door.

Depending on the type of corner kick bet, the rules of the game will be different. But in general, they are quite simple, do not require much thinking, very suitable for beginners.

Players need to pay attention to the following points when betting on corner kicks in a match:

  • This bet can be placed before the match or within the official 90 minutes.
  • The match result has nothing to do with corner kicks.
  • If the match has extra time and you have already bet on it, the number of corner goals in this half will not be counted. This case only counts when the player bets on extra time corner kick bets.

The scoring method for this type of handicap is similar to the Asian handicap. The scores offered by Bookie New88 for you to bet on are often quite large, such as betting on 10 corner kicks, betting on the number of corner goals greater than 12…

Popular types of corner kicks

Currently, New88 Bookie has divided corner kick bets into many types so that players can easily participate and choose the bet that suits their wishes.

Full match handicap bet

The full-match corner kick handicap is similar to the Asian handicap with 2 teams being classified as upper and lower. The player will choose 1 of 2 teams with the corner handicap given by the house.

After the match ends, the player will calculate the total number of corner kicks, winning or losing by the total number of penalty kicks for each team.

Corner kick over/under bet

Similar to normal over/under bets, in corner kicks there are also bets on Half 1, Half 2 and the whole match for you to comfortably calculate and bet. The dealer will give a number as a benchmark, the player bets Over if they guess the total number of corner kicks is more or Under if it is less.

Finally, the Bookmaker will count all corner kicks and announce the results. In case the number of corner kicks is equal to the given number, it will break even and your bet will be refunded.

Even/odd corner kick odds

Corner kick odd even odds have a very simple way to play, the win/loss ratio is 50:50 so people often like to play. With this bet, players only need to predict whether the total number of corners in the match will be even or odd.
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Corner kick odds

Corner kick bets have a pretty high winning rate. You can watch the entire match and place bets in the last minutes. The shaking odds table is constantly changed by bookmaker New88 depending on the progress of the match.

The more accurately the player guesses, the closer the time is to the end of the match, the easier it will be to win, and to have capital “on the bank” after the bets at the beginning of the match are lost.

First corner kick bet

Penalty bets at the beginning of the match end the fastest, even when the ball has just rolled. The player will bet on the team that takes the first corner kick. If correct, the bonus will be awarded immediately to the account without having to wait for the end of the match.

Final corner kick odds

In contrast to the first round bet and the last corner bet, you will predict which team will receive the last penalty kick. This requires you to watch until the last minute to receive results.

Match odds without corner kicks

As the name suggests, a bet on a match without a corner kick means that neither team will receive this kick, the reward odds are several dozen times higher than other bets.

However, few people dare to risk betting because rarely does a match go smoothly without any player making a mistake. You should consider carefully before making this bet to preserve your capital.

Tips for predicting corner kicks with Bookmaker New88

To bet on corner kicks accurately at the New88 Sports Betting Hall, you should take advantage of the experience shared by experts as follows:

  • Update the Odds table at New88, continuously monitor match developments to make appropriate bets.
  • For a friendly match between two teams, where there is no need to attack aggressively and there is little dispute, you should choose a door with few corner goals.
  • Stay alert, don’t be impatient to make the most accurate betting decisions and win high prizes.
  • Find out information about the two teams in the history of previous matches to see the performance and personality of the players, thereby predicting the number of penalties more accurately.
  • Divide the money evenly for each bet, you should only consider the corner bet as an extra bet to “go ashore” when the main bets lose.

With information about corner kick bet, the most accurate types and methods are shared above by Bookmaker New88. We hope that you will have more useful information. In case you want to participate in simple online soccer betting with high betting rewards, join the website New88 now!

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