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Transform Manufacturing Processes with SZJ Automation’s Bottom Welding Machine

By leveraging advanced technology and innovative equipment, SZJ Automation revolutionizes the manufacturing landscape, driving increased productivity, improved quality, and reduced costs.

Enhanced Welding Quality with Bottom Welding Machine

SZJ Automation’s bottom welding machines employ a unique multi-contact pressure and automate manufacturing displacement feedback detection method. This innovative approach ensures superior welding quality in the manufacturing process. During the welding process, the machine controls the pressure through multi-circuit feedback, optimizing the welding conditions and enhancing the overall welding quality.

Intelligent Welding with Closed-Loop Control and Machine Learning

SZJ Automation’s bottom welding machines incorporate a closed-loop welding control system and machine learning algorithms, enabling high-precision and high-quality intelligent welding of cylindrical batteries. The closed-loop control system monitors and adjusts various welding parameters in real-time, ensuring optimal welding conditions and minimizing variations.

Furthermore, the integration of machine learning algorithms enhances the welding process by continuously improving and optimizing welding performance. By analyzing data and patterns, the machine learning algorithms adapt to changing conditions, resulting in improved welding accuracy and quality over time. This intelligent welding capability ensures consistent and reliable results, even in complex manufacturing environments.


SZJ Automation‘s bottom welding machines revolutionize manufacturing processes by automating and optimizing the welding stage. With enhanced welding quality through multi-contact pressure control, businesses can achieve superior joint connections and minimize defects. The integration of a closed-loop control system and machine learning algorithms enables high-precision and intelligent welding, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

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