Tien Len Southern New88 – Attractive prize exchange card game.

Tien Len Southern New88vinet is a traditional card game favored by bookmakers lottery 66 Improved into an online betting game. So do you know how to bet on this Southern Tien Len card game? Refer to this form of play and tips for playing this entertaining game to gain more experience when betting.

1. Overview of Southern Tien Len What is New88?

Forms of playing cards from 52 cards when introduced into our country have been transformed into many different genres. Among them, Southern card game is a popular card game and the simple rules have attracted many participants of diverse ages.

1.1 What is New88 Southern Tien Len?

Playing Southern Tien Len card game at lottery house 66 is chosen by many betting enthusiasts because this card game is highly entertaining. Therefore, many people choose to play cards online because of its convenience and helps relax and reduce stress. In addition, you can also experience dramatic betting moments and thrilling moments when placing bets.

Considered a game of chance, New88 still requires players to use analysis and thinking when playing. Each game will have 2-4 participants, each player will receive a maximum of 13 cards. After receiving the cards, the player will arrange and play the cards according to the rules prescribed by the house system.

1.2 Why should you play Tien Len Southern New88?

The Southern Tien Len card game has never stopped being hot at online bookmakers. So why is the song Tien Len Southern so attractive? Let’s find out the reason below:

  • Tien Len to the South has a simpler and more liberal way of playing than Tien Len to the North. Does not require elements such as uniformity or uniform color.
  • The rules are simple, with detailed instructions on how to play and place bets. Players just need to follow the instructions to easily participate in betting.
  • The online interface when playing Southern Tien Len at Lottery House 66 is carefully invested, the house’s homepage is regularly updated with events and hot news.
  • Bookmaker New88 There are often promotions and incentives for bettors.
  • The customer information system when participating in betting is kept safe and secure.

2. How to play Tien Len Southern New88

2.1 New88 Southern Tien Len game rules

Each player when participating in the prize exchange card game Tien Len Southern New88 needs to clearly understand the following game rules:

  • Win “Go White”: If in your deck there is a dragon straight with consecutive values ​​from 3 to A, four of a kind, 5 pairs of cards or any 6 pairs of cards, you will win the bet. The player will receive double the bet, and the game will end.
  • Freeze: If in a game, if there is someone who comes first and you have not played a single card, you will lose. And the penalty for this loss is 4 times the bet amount.
  • Pig chopping rule: When the player has a pair of pine and a four of a kind, he can chop the pig to increase his reward.

2.2 How to play Tien Len Southern New88

Each player in the betting game will receive 13 cards, and all aim to play all the cards in their hand as quickly as possible. Hits will be made clockwise. When someone plays first, you need to play higher cards to cut off the person who goes first. Each game will require at least 2 participants and a maximum of 4 people.


A game ends when one player plays all the cards. The first place winner will have priority to play the first cards in the next game.

2.3 Betting odds

Lottery house 66 is currently offering extremely preferential bonuses to you:

  • The person who finishes first will receive the most profit, taking the second person’s bet, 2 times the third person’s bet, and 3 times the bottom person’s bet.
  • For black pigs, when the pig rots, you will be fined 1 time of the bet and for red pigs, 2 times the bet.

3. Tips for playing Tien Len Southern New88

3.1 Understand the rules of the game

If you want to win at any game, the first condition is that you need to clearly understand the rules of the game. This will help you quickly end the game and increase your chances of winning.

3.2 Remember the lesson

There are two popular ways to remember cards today to help you increase your odds of winning:

  • Remember your cards and the cards you have played. This will help you have appropriate strategies when playing.
  • Remember your opponent’s cards: Remember all your opponent’s cards played in the bet. Remembering this will help you minimize the chance of being blocked, so you can calculate the most suitable playing move.

3.3 Strong mentality

Psychology is an important factor when betting. Whether the bet is lost or won, your psychology should be stable. Don’t show worry or joy, instead focus on your cards to have the right playing strategy.

3.4 Don’t go all in

When playing online betting, the thing you should keep in mind is not to bet all-in or all-in. Using up all your betting capital can lead to a complete loss of capital. This will directly affect the player’s mood and personal income.


Rewards card game Tien Len Southern New88 Has a simple way to play, high winning rate. These are the reasons that many people choose this game for entertainment and to make more profit. Please use the knowledge in the article to increase your chances of winning big when playing.

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