NEW88 The Best Ways of Cockfighting According to Experts’ Experience

NEW88 is a famous bookmaker with top-notch online cockfighting betting and attractive bonus rates. The matches here are always broadcast live from Thomo and Sabong schools every day. If you are a beginner and want to increase your odds of winning in this subject, please refer to it NEW88 the best way to fight cocks according to expert experience.
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NEW88 The best way to fight a cock is through the shape of the cock’s head

Viewing experience cockfighting NEW88 What cockers should apply is through the cock’s head shape. Specifically, you should look carefully from the top of their neck to the crest. This head shape is extremely important because a talented fighter often has a large triangular head area, the rib area is quite similar to a hawk.

Folks have long told each other about the basic way to look at a fighting cock’s appearance: “the head is tapered, the body is cupped, the wings are shelled, and the legs are long and closed, not afraid of anyone.” The chicken’s face always lets each one show its majesty, heroic temperament and flexibility. This area of ​​the body remains flexible even when standing still to capture information around them.

Know whether a fighting cock fights or not through your eyes

For those who are looking for good fighting cocks with good skills, look at their eyes. A potential fighting cock always possesses bright eyesight and is constantly flexible. When you look directly, you will see the ferocity in their eyes.

According to the secret of NEW88 the best way to fight cocks, thanks to his cunning eyes, the fighting cock can soon avoid attacks from the opponent. The eye structure must be concave inward at the socket wall to help them protect themselves during matches.

Look at the cock’s beak – NEW88 the best way to fight cocks

A chicken’s beak is a position that you should not ignore when looking at their appearance because it is the most important “weapon” when fighting. According to experience from experts NEW88 the best way to fight cocks, players should choose whichever animal has a beautiful, sturdy beak.

Better yet, chicken keepers should pay attention to fighting cocks with large beaks, both the top and bottom parts are like two pieces of rice husk put together. This design will help the rooster confidently attack the opponent with direct, highly damaging bites and pecks.

For more powerful bites and attacks, you should prioritize chickens with short beaks. Because of this, it is like a pincer helping them increase their damage compared to long-beaked chickens. This attack will make the opponent scared as well as waste physical strength to avoid dangerous attacks.
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NEW88 The best way to fight cocks is by looking at the feathers

An invincible fighting cock usually has feathers with the following characteristics:

  • The best coat color is honey.
  • If not, you should prioritize dry gray which is a less shiny gray color.
  • The third thing about fur color is that the wet umbrella is glossy black.
  • The horse’s feathers are relatively long and cover all the sides and sides of the cock.
  • The feathers are large, wide and at least as long as the hook or tail feathers.
  • Long, fine rooster tail feathers will help them maintain balance when flying and jumping to attack their opponents.

Cock neck rod – NEW88 the best cock fighting style of cock masters

Chickens should pay attention to the fact that any fighting cock that hits well always has a big, strong neck with just the right length to balance its body. Because this part helps them maintain balance and stand firm against attacks from the enemy.

According to veteran cockfighters, if you want a bird with a strong, flexible and thick neck, you must have a secret to care for it. One of them is to use soaked wine combined with turmeric to periodically massage the fighting chickens. Make sure they have an extra layer of thick, elastic skin to reduce damage if they take a painful hit.

Experience choosing good millet with your feet

Chicken feet are also a secret considered by expertsNEW88 the best way to fight cocks. Animals with long legs but short from the knee down often have a variety of moves and attacks. They often swing attacks in a wide range, and the force applied to the opponent is also better and more flexible.

In addition, you should also pay attention to cocks with parallel scales that look quite even. Because according to veteran cockfighters, those with special scales often know how to use their own moves. At the same time, the fighting cock’s spurs are very moderate, not too long or short.

In this experience of predicting fighting cock style, you can customize it without having to pay attention to the double doors. Because in some matches, fighting cocks will use other weapons to support them instead of depending entirely on that part.

Above is all information about NEW88 the best way to fight cockfightsaccording to experience from experts. Through this, you will equip yourself with tips to recognize potential fighting cocks and good moves to increase your winning rate.

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