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Luobinsen’s DC EV Chargers: Pioneering the Fast Lane of Electric Mobility

Welcome to the future of EV charging, where Luobinsen‘s DC EV chargers redefine speed, efficiency, and innovation. As a Level 3 EV DC Fast Charger, Luobinsen introduces cutting-edge solutions that set a new standard for Level 3 charging excellence. Let’s delve into the details of Luobinsen’s DC EV chargers, unlocking the potential of electric mobility.

Super High Power Charger: Redefining Charging Dynamics

200~1000V Super Wide Output Voltage Range: Luobinsen’s Super High Power Charger boasts a remarkable output voltage range, spanning from 200 to 1000 volts. This extensive range ensures compatibility with a variety of electric vehicles, catering to the diverse needs of the EV market.

600A Max. Output Current with Liquid Cooling Connector: The liquid cooling connector feature sets this charger apart, allowing for a maximum output current of 600A. This innovation enhances charging efficiency and expedites the charging process, making it an ideal solution for time-sensitive scenarios.

Versatile Application Scenarios: From Commercial Lots to Highways

Commercial Parking Lot: In commercial parking lots, where a high turnover of vehicles is common, Luobinsen’s Super High Power Charger becomes an invaluable asset. The rapid charging capabilities and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance the EV charging experience for their customers and employees.

Specifications and Advanced Features

Technical Information: The Super High Power Charger is available in multiple models, ranging from L240kW-Pro to L600kW-Pro. These models offer varying output powers, accommodating different charging needs.


Luobinsen’s Super High Power Charger represents a significant leap forward in the realm of DC EV charging. With its super-wide voltage and power range, liquid cooling capabilities, and user-friendly features, this charger is a beacon of innovation. From commercial lots to highways, Luobinsen’s commitment to providing versatile and efficient charging solutions positions them as a trailblazer in shaping the future of electric mobility. Get a quote today and be part of the revolution in DC fast charging!

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