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Ikinor’s Recordable Smart Blackboard – A Cutting-Edge Solution for Interactive Learning

Advancing Classroom Interaction and Collaboration

As an extraordinary smart blackboard manufacturer, Ikinor introduces its latest innovation – the Recordable Smart Blackboard, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize smart education. Combining traditional and electronic blackboard functionalities, this all-in-one interactive blackboard seamlessly integrates three panels, enabling teachers to handwrite on the side blackboards while recording the content on the central touch screen display.

Ikinor's Recordable Smart Blackboard - A Cutting-Edge Solution for Interactive Learning

Experience the Power of Recordable Technology

The Recordable Smart Blackboard by Ikinor empowers educators with the ability to handwrite on both side blackboards while capturing and saving the contents on the central touch screen display. This innovative feature enhances teaching efficiency, enabling teachers to effortlessly record and share their annotations and lessons with students. With support for normal writing with ordinary chalk, dust-free chalk, and various liquid pens, educators have the flexibility to choose their preferred writing tool.

A Streamlined Interactive Experience

Ikinor enhances the Recordable Smart Blackboard’s interactive capabilities with powerful digital whiteboard software. This intuitive software offers a plethora of convenient features, such as cloud drive integration, easy conversion of common office files, QR code sharing, and more. Furthermore, wireless multi-screen share allows seamless content casting from mobile devices and tablets to the smart display, fostering seamless collaboration and content sharing.

Reliable ODM OEM Interactive Display Solutions

As a leading interactive flat panel manufacturer, Ikinor empowers educational institutions and businesses with advanced interactive solutions. With a commitment to excellence, Ikinor offers ODM OEM services, tailoring interactive displays to meet specific brand requirements. Experience the power of interactive learning with Ikinor’s Recordable Smart Blackboard and elevate classroom collaboration and engagement.

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