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Hot Selling Season: Radish Snack

In the midst of a health-conscious era, consumers are constantly seeking nutritious and delicious snacks. One such snack that has gained immense popularity is radish snack. With its crispy texture and natural flavor, it has become a favorite among both children and adults.

Kaida Hengye: The Leading Manufacturer of Radish Snacks

Kaida Hengye is a renowned company known for producing high-quality radish snacks. Their products are made using healthy natural crispy low-temperature vacuum frying techniques, ensuring good looks and great taste without any chemical additives.


1. How to make an order?

To place an order with Kaida Hengye, customers need to negotiate their requirements first. Once the specifications are clear, customized quotations will be provided. Free samples can also be sent upon request. After confirmation and advance payment, bulk production begins, followed by delivery after receiving the final payment.

2. What’s the price?

The price of radish snacks may vary depending on factors such as quantity and packaging preferences. It is recommended to contact Kaida Hengye directly for specific pricing details.

3. What’s the MOQ?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for radish snacks can be discussed during negotiations with Kaida Hengye based on individual requirements.

4. What’s the delivery time?

The production period for radish snacks typically takes around 10-15 working days at Kaida Hengye facilities. Shipping times vary according to different destinations but usually range from 30-45 days in total.

5.What if goods are damaged?

In the unlikely event of goods being damaged during transportation, customers can contact Kaida Hengye for assistance and resolution. The company values customer satisfaction and will strive to resolve any issues promptly.

VF Green Radish Crisps

Kaida Hengye’s VF Green Radish Crisps are a popular choice among health-conscious snack enthusiasts. These crispy radish chips are made using the vacuum frying technique, preserving their natural goodness while providing a satisfying crunch.

VF Pumpkin Crisps

Another delightful offering from Kaida Hengye is their VF Pumpkin Crisps. Made with carefully selected pumpkins, these crisps offer a unique flavor profile that perfectly balances sweetness and crispiness.

VF Potato Chips

Kaida Hengye also offers VF Potato Chips that cater to those who prefer classic flavors. These potato chips undergo the same low-temperature vacuum frying process, resulting in a healthier alternative to traditional fried snacks without compromising on taste.

The Conclusion: Embrace Radish Snacks!

Radish snacks have become an increasingly popular choice due to their nutritional value and delicious taste. With Kaida Hengye’s commitment to producing high-quality products, consumers can enjoy guilt-free snacking options during this hot selling season. So why not give radish snacks a try and experience the perfect blend of health and flavor?

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